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You can make eye-catchy designs, slick animations and add all the necessary native mobile components required to make your application stand out in the crowd. Because of Ionic’s ability to develop native-like apps, it is also preferred to build PWAs. Xamarin based apps are developed with the help of the C# library. This way, developers can leverage modern programming languages such as Objective-C and Java to build and modify the apps. It is a streamlined open-source framework specifically used to build Android, iOS, and Windows apps by using C# and .Net libraries. With Xamarin, developers can use 90 percent of the same code to build apps for different platforms.

A variety of technologies are available on the market, all suited to different sets of workflows and requirements. Each of the tools discussed in this article offers extensive support for teams thinking about giving cross-platform a try. Choosing a mobile development approach that is right for you depends on many factors, like business requirements, objectives, and tasks. Like any other solution, cross-platform mobile development has its pros and cons.

Ionic Framework is free and open-source and provides a portable UI toolkit for developing high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web- all from the single codebase. It also has an Ionic React that leverages React for building hybrid mobile apps. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into the best framework to build cross-platform mobile apps. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of each framework and which you can use based upon your strength.

  • Like any other solution, cross-platform mobile development has its pros and cons.
  • A cross-platform application doesn’t require a separate technical stack for each operating system.
  • Apps built with Flutter need to share all of their UX and UI layers, which is why they may not always feel 100% native.
  • Therefore, do not forget to tick AR and VR technology box while building your new cross-platform app.
  • Flutter supports native features, such as location services, camera functionality, and hard drive access.
  • The linker is a static analysis tool that scans the compiled assemblies in the application and actually strips out any pieces of the framework that are not referenced.
  • If you are one of them, then I suggest you learn React Native in 2022.

In some cases, the Mono tools even help to clean up the platform APIs to make them easier to work with than those exposed by the native languages. Flutter and Java are both used for developing cross-platform applications. Flutter help developer and designer to build modern mobile application for Android and iOS.

What Else Makes The Net Framework Well Suited For Mobile Development?

The good point is that the process of layout creation works the same way for mobile screens and web page layout. Interaction of components with each other is flexible and easy. In the following interview, software engineer Greg Shackles (@gshackles) aims to expand the potential of this platform. Shackles is the author of “Mobile Development with C#” and maintains a blog focusing mainly on .NET and its related technologies. It means whenever a developer makes changes in the code, the changes immediately visible in the app itself.

cross platform mobile development java

With Xamarin you can create applications for Windows, iOS, and Android using a single .net code. To discover its potential, check out such apps as Olo, The World Bank, Storyo. PhoneGap is an open-source framework, which was first developed in 2005 by Nitobi Software.

Questions You Should Ask While Choosing The Right Framework

You save money not just on development but also on app improvement, bug fixes, and customization based on user input and usage statistics compared to native platform development. You can also employ cross-platform code that you can reuse in other projects. It may seem surprising, but most cross-platform applications fail because of the unnecessary features and difficult to navigate designs. Unfortunately, native apps are all about eye-catching animation features, 3D effects, and a beautiful blend of graphics enhanced by hardware features.

The whole point is in an opportunity to use one app’s code on different platforms. As a result, Samsung, iPhone, and Lumia users will use the same app despite the difference in operating systems. Cross platform is a major issue for software developers who want to sell to users no matter which desktop platform they run . The first is to compile an executable program into the operating environment of each target computer. The second is to use an intermediate language and compile only once.

Difference Between Flutter And Java

If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note. Thankfully, Flutter and React Native solve its problem by allowing you to create a native-looking mobile application for both Android and iOS devices using the same code based. These benefits give you the clarification of why one should choose cross-platform for developing mobile apps. Hot Reloadingfeatureallows adding a new code and making edits right at runtime. The framework comes with a large set of ready-made components but they don’t always adapt to different platforms.

cross platform mobile development java

On the other hand, it allows quick testing right in a browser. Its primary goal lies in making a cross-platform app as stable and productive as a native one. In practice, developers do modify a code on and off to maintain a smooth app’s work but the bulk of work is still done once. To get around this, MonoTouch compiles the application down to static code ahead of time.

As mentioned earlier, multiplatform apps are designed to run identically on different mobile platforms. Cross-platform frameworks allow you to write shareable and reusable code for the purpose of developing these apps. It allows you to build native mobile apps in both TypeScript and JavaScript and using Angular and Vuejs.

Compile To Machine Language

The Web browser fits into the “Compile to Machine Language” category below. Often when businesses plan to build an app, they wish to reach a large group of audience. This can be achieved with a cross-platform app since it is compatible with more than one operating system. Typically, this means having a single app for Android and iOS devices and sometimes Windows and other platforms too. What is the primary goal of creating a cross-platform application?

cross platform mobile development java

What’s more, if your application needs to be customized or transformed, it will be easier for programmers to make small changes to specific parts of your codebase. This will also allow you to be more responsive to user feedback. The drawback here is that a user cannot utilize all of their device’s functionality, for example, contacts, calendars, the phone, and other assets, which results in a limited user experience.

Depending on the OS, their codes are written in different programming languages. Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, in turn, are cross-platform. Flutter is a new cross-platform framework developed by Google.

Cross Platform

React Native is facebook’s open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework. Launched in 2015, it uses JavaScript and React.js libraries to build Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web apps. React Native is a great choice for simple apps where the APIs have a clear bridge between platforms. However, for complex apps, native code is often needed to bridge any gaps in functionality. There are several cross-platform mobile development frameworks on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In order to create a beautiful and fast application for web, desktop and mobile using a single language and codebase, the use of flutter is growing day by day. It is a free and open-source framework or tool which is currently maintained by ECMA standard. Dart programming language is used by the flutter for developing applications.

Here’s why you should choose the Ionic framework for building a cross-platform application. The USP of Ionic apps is that they run in a special shell on your mobile phone devices. So, for example, the Android applications run on WebView and iOS on UIWebView. Up to 80 percent of the React Native codebase java mobile apps development can be shared across platforms. While there are many different cross-platform mobile frameworks available, 42% of the software developers use Flutter, followed by React Native framework used by 38% of the developers. Cross-platform is a must-have in today’s world, and you can’t work without it.


If you are a frontend developer and already know frameworks like Angular or Vuejs, then Native Script can be the right choice for you. It’s always been challenging to release your app to different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, as you need to maintain a separate codebase. Flutter solves that problem by allowing you to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices using the same codebase. Our mobile application development company is very keen on support & maintenance.

Case Study Of Airbnb With React Native

To make the development process easy, we have so many robust and adaptable cross-platform app frameworks & development tools to develop feature-rich mobile applications. Our mobile app development team is very successful in developing cross-platform apps that too on the mentioned time slot. USM uses some of the famous and straightforward technologies like artificial intelligence for the development of cross-platform apps that runs independently of mobile operating systems . USM Business Systems is a prominent leading cross-platform development company in the USA, which is offering multiple platforms and cross-platform mobile app development services. We are on the top of the ladder in providing cross-platform services with adequately emphasized and quality rich apps.

Let’s look at the differences between native and cross-platform development in terms of a few key variables. React Native is executed on the JavaScriptCore environment, the company had to go through some critical situations. For example, iOS has its JavaScriptCore while Android doesn’t; shipping with Android was done using React Native’s https://globalcloudteam.com/ bundle. But, default tools were ancient, and they did not work well with AirBnB. In its series of posts, AirBnB wrote that React Native is an immature framework compared to iOS and Android. However, being a newer framework in the market, it is moving quickly, which created some excellent but lost bad issues to the company.

On the development side, it can reduce the cost and time to build the app, while on the business side it can help improve reach and engagement. Xamarin offers great compile-time checking allowing developers to experience fewer errors during the run-time. In addition, Xamarin makes it easy to design a native-like app with its native-friendly interface and control assisting. It Integrates with Visual Studio, Microsoft IDE for the .NET framework to build apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows . First and foremost, you must select whether your software will be available on a single or several operating systems. If you want to reach a broader audience made up of people who use different platforms, cross-platform development is the way to go.

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